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Jessica: Associate and Former Trainee (London)

Jessica Edge
Associate and Former Trainee, London

I have relatively recently started a new seat in Project Finance and have already been involved in a variety of very interesting and diverse projects. I begin the week by catching up with emails and discussing deal progress with other senior lawyers on the team. We had received an email from a client requesting a draft template document certifying certain statements in relation to the operation of their project. I carefully review the email to identify exactly what needs to be certified and I then get on with drafting the template. In the afternoon, I discuss my draft in detail with a senior associate, who provides her comments and we then send the revised draft out to the client.

I force myself to get up early and attend a morning spin class before work! After arriving at the office I have breakfast and catch up on emails. Our client’s project is being refinanced and I spend the day drafting a document releasing our client from an existing obligation under a project agreement. After review by a senior associate and a partner, the document is sent out for review by the other side.

This morning, I join other senior lawyers on the team on a weekly update call, with representatives of our client and their financial advisor. We discuss next steps in relation to completion of the refinancing, including review and preparation of negotiations of the finance documents. After the call I update the Conditions Precedent Checklist and “Know Your Customer” Checklist to reflect the documentation that we have received in the steps up until closing. We need to receive all documentation in good time to ensure that the lenders are satisfied and our client can draw down the financing. After leaving the office, I catch-up with a friend for a lovely dinner in Covent Garden, handily only a short walk from the office.

I begin the day by drafting a summary, requested by the client, of meetings held between the Lenders and Sponsors of one of our client’s projects earlier in the month. In a seat in Project Finance, it is a great opportunity to experience face-to-face meetings with a large and diverse group in attendance. I summarise the discussions and the outcomes of the meeting. I give this to my supervisor to review and I then send the summary out to our client for their review.

My morning is spent researching a question in relation to prepayment of debt and release of security. I then spend the afternoon preparing execution versions of the documents I drafted earlier in the week, which are to be signed by our clients and also preparing the corresponding signing instructions, ensuring that they are sufficiently  clear and detailed and meet the requisite formality requirements. I then end the week by going to a pub near the office with S&C colleagues, it’s a great way to wind down and catch up with the other trainees.

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