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Partners Alexandra Korry & Melissa Sawyer Teach at Columbia Law School

S&C partners Alexandra Korry and Melissa Sawyer co-teach a spring course at Columbia Law School for 2Ls, 3Ls and LL.Ms.

The course, which they have taught since 2012, is called Deals Workshop: The Art of the Deal in Mergers and Acquisitions. It provides students with a hands-on introduction to M&A and the dealmaking process. Students act as the outside attorneys to a hypothetical U.S. public company that is a takeover target and make presentations to a fictional board of directors (which includes Alexandra and Melissa), advise the general counsel of the target, strategize about defensive techniques and negotiate a merger. The class teaches students how to apply the law of public takeovers to a constantly evolving hypothetical transaction.

Alexandra approached the Columbia faculty coordinator about the possibility of teaching the course because she thought it would be good for S&C to have a presence among the corporate adjunct faculty. “I also thought it might be fun, which it turns out it is. I really enjoy connecting with the students and helping them understand the application of the theory they have learned,” she said. Melissa also enjoys the teaching opportunity, noting, “I learn a lot from the students. They see things with fresh eyes and often come up with really creative ideas for dealing with common issues in M&A deals.”

Notably, several former students from the Deals Workshop are now associates at S&C.

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