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In addition to on-the-job learning, S&C offers a robust curriculum of formal learning programs designed to equip associates with the substantive legal knowledge, business acumen, and analytical, communications and management skills required to have professionally rewarding careers. S&C's learning programs are taught by experts in their fields, including both the Firm's own senior lawyers and respected external business and legal consultants.

After careful consideration of the specific skills and substantive legal knowledge that are required to make associates successful at each level and in each practice group,  S&C partners have designed a curriculum to further those skills and deepen those knowledge sets. While certain courses are mandatory, you will have the freedom to customize your own curriculum based on which courses you decide will have the greatest impact on your career goals. Taking courses outside your chosen practice group(s) or level of seniority will provide you with the skills of a generalist and allow you to analyze opportunities and problems from multiple perspectives, considering all of the issues relevant to our clients’ strategic planning.
The curriculum is dynamic, evolving each year with new courses designed to further develop associate skills and substantive knowledge and respond to developments in the law and Firm practice.  Regardless of what your personal goals may be, summer associates and associates are encouraged to view the Firm’s learning culture and the formal and informal learning opportunities offered by the Firm as tools to help them develop as lawyers, business leaders and professionals.


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