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Anna: Associate and Former Trainee (London)

Anna L. Hagan
Associate and Former Trainee, London

I have recently started a new seat in Competition law and have been involved in a variety of very interesting and exciting new projects. I start the day by going through my email and attending a team catch-up meeting. We have been working on submitting merger notifications in 13 jurisdictions, which required lots of planning, and we succeeded in making our deadline. We go to a lovely restaurant for lunch to celebrate everyone’s hard work in co-ordinating the notifications. Once back in the office, I continue working on another matter, analysing market share data in order to calculate turnover for the purposes of EU Competition law. I make it out in time for my favourite gym class before dinner.
I start the day with a training session on the efficient use of Word, Adobe and Outlook, and  learn several new helpful tips to help speed up routine tasks. I then attend a team debrief meeting to co-ordinate our different work streams. I am working on a new matter and draft the merger notification myself—my first one!—and am happy that we receive sign off from the client on my draft. For the rest of the day I turn to reviewing documents in a data room for the purposes of submitting a leniency application to the EU Commission.
Following Monday’s excitement of submitting merger notifications in all 13 jurisdictions, there is additional follow-up work to be done. This includes finalising the market share and bid data to be submitted to the EU Commission (I’m getting used to working with numbers!) and gathering the customer and contact details of the merging parties. I then return to my review of documents in the data room for our leniency application and attend a call with the client and my team to discuss next steps. 
The highlight of my day is attending a lunch with clients from a previous matter I was involved in. The rest of the day is spent participating in client calls, as well as researching the EU Commission’s past decisions in relation to the industries our clients are active in.
I have an early start and meet a friend to attend a gym class. Today my team plans to submit a second draft of our merger notification to the EU Commission, and there is a lot of work to be done in preparation. I make it to the office and attend a conference call with the clients to discuss the second draft notification. The day is spent compiling additional outstanding information and verifying information already included in the notification, as well as updating the client on our progress. It is a late night but made all the easier by working in a team of calm and friendly people, and very satisfying to submit the second draft in time for the weekend! 


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