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Eleanor Chafer
Associate, London

I am currently working with the Finance and Restructuring team. I spend most of the day preparing for a notes redemption that is due to take place on Thursday. In the morning, I have a meeting with the team to discuss next steps. As I have worked on a similar matter for the same client previously, my main role is to manage and coordinate the process. I spend the afternoon discussing local jurisdiction questions with the other team members, and catching up on emails, as I was on vacation the previous week. I also complete a handover to a trainee who will be taking over a matter that I worked on in my previous seat, which was in our Competition department.
I spend my morning working on a different Finance and Restructuring matter, filing MR01 forms together with another trainee, and reviewing local counsel comments to security documents. In the afternoon, I turn back to the notes redemption matter; I prepare a checklist to assist with tracking the status and progress of the various work streams, and a list of proposed signatories for the various documents, which we verify with the client and our local counsels. I also prepare a list of requests for information to send to our client, which we will need ahead of the redemption on Thursday.
I check in with the team in our New York office, who is working alongside us on the redemption matter, providing them with an update on our progress and flagging some points for discussion. We discover some new information that will mean further documents and steps will be required ahead of tomorrow’s redemption, so I spend the majority of the day discussing this with local counsels and reviewing the additional documents. I have a team meeting to discuss preparation for the signing tomorrow, especially since the senior member of our team will be on vacation for the next two days. We prepare signature packs and a table of required actions and signing instructions.
The day begins with a training session about intercreditor agreements. Most of the preparation for the redemption has been completed earlier this week, so I spend the morning finalising and double-checking the documents and signature pages, which I then send to our New York team to take care of the execution. This all goes smoothly, and I spend the rest of my day catching up on emails for my other matters.
I have a meeting this morning on one of my other matters, where we discuss some filings that will need to be completed today and other post-closing actions. I spend the rest of the day attending to those matters, and replying to emails from the opposing side’s counsel and various local counsels.

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