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Hannah Cockle
Associate, London

I’m working with the finance and restructuring team for my fourth seat and, due to people working from home during the pandemic, we have a daily morning call to catch up with the team and discuss deals that we are working on. My supervisor then calls me to discuss items that we need to progress today/this week on the matters we are working on.
I spend the morning updating a checklist of the conditions precedent that need to be satisfied for a loan facility we are negotiating for our client. My primary role has been to email various local counsel to prepare and review various conditions precedent to ensure everything is finalised before signing.
In the afternoon, I attend to a competition matter which I’ve been helping out on (as I spent my first seat in the competition team). I review and comment on draft responses prepared by local counsel to information requests sent by various competition authorities in other jurisdictions. The firm’s “generalist approach” means that we can work on, or provide vacation cover for, matters that aren’t strictly related to our current seat. 
In the morning, I prepare a pack of the finalised condition precedent documents to ensure we’re organised for signing the facility agreement tomorrow. I also email local counsel to tee them up to release their legal opinions tomorrow morning following signing.
In the afternoon, I have a virtual coffee with the other trainees (ordinarily we would physically meet for coffee in the canteen or a nearby cafe).
I attend my first in-person signing at the offices of another law firm in order for our client and the representatives of the banks to sign the agreed facility agreement. After checking that we have enough hard copies of the signature pages and circulating a scanned, executed copy of the agreement, we head out for a celebratory lunch.
I have a meeting with my supervisor to discuss a new matter and preliminary steps which need to be taken. I spend the morning researching English security law and preparing a brief summary for my supervisor.
In the afternoon, I respond to emails from our client and start to prepare a few documents which my supervisor has asked me to prepare a first draft of. I look forward to the end of lockdown and the reinstatement of our Friday Night Drinks Committee.

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