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Lauren Fawcett
Trainee Solicitor, London

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I begin the week with a quick catch up with my supervisor about our respective weekends whilst I’m waiting for my computer to wake up. I check through any emails that need my attention. I have been less busy lately and so I find out I am being staffed on a new deal. I attend the briefing meeting and spend the morning reading over the notes to get an understanding of what work the deal will involve.

I arrive in the office and catch up on emails. A client asks to schedule a call on next steps for a different deal that I’m working on, which I arrange for tomorrow.  I discuss what the next steps will be with other senior lawyers on the team. I draft documents for the new deal that I have been staffed on and send my first draft for review by my supervisor. Later in the day I make changes to my documents based on my supervisor’s comments and we send to the client for review.

Wednesday morning starts with a training session for all junior lawyers; these are great as they are given by senior associates who can give a practical insight into working on deals. I attend the call I scheduled yesterday where we discuss next steps and set out what documents we need to receive from the client and what they need to receive from us. I start work drafting the template documents that will need to be sent out to the client.

The new deal that I was staffed on on Monday is signing today, so I make amendments to the  documents based on the client’s comments and prepare execution versions for signing. I send my draft Mercury-compliant email to my supervisor for review before sending the signing instructions and documents out to the client. During the day I also liaise with Luxembourg counsel and US counsel, who are responsible for collating the US and Luxembourg law governed documents.

I motivate myself to get up early for a hot yoga class, which is always worth it! When I get into work I find out that the client wants us to make some further amendments to the documents, so I make these changes. I receive the electronic signatures from the client, Luxembourg counsel and US counsel and compile the documents to be sent out in the closing email. The deal has closed and I go and enjoy my weekend!

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