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Amy McGinn
Associate, London

For my third seat, I am sitting with the M&A team. I spend the early morning responding to emails that came in overnight from clients and local counsel.
At lunch, I head to the canteen with some of the associates and trainees.
I then spend the early afternoon catching up with the M&A partner and associate, where we discuss closing logistics. As this is a deal with split signing and closing, and we are at the closing stage, my primary responsibility is now to liaise with all parties to ensure that the necessary actions have been taken to allow the deal to close.
I grab dinner with one of the associates and then spend the evening ensuring that all parties have the necessary documents ahead of execution of the share transfer deed the following morning. 
I head to the office and liaise with the associate to ensure that the final closing steps are in motion. Our deal successfully closes.
My afternoon is spent tending to a new matter that I have been staffed on for my upcoming Capital Markets seat. I spend a few hours reviewing a prospectus and various precedents as part of an EMTN programme update for one of our clients. I discuss my findings with the associates involved and we coordinate the next steps ahead of filing. 
I continue my work on the EMTN programme update, which involves preparing the prospectus for filing and discussing logistics with the listing agent.
I spend the afternoon catching up on my other matters. As we are a generalist firm, I am still involved with a project finance matter from my previous seat. I respond to emails and arrange for various parties to execute post-closing documents the following week.
I spend the morning drafting corporate authorisation documents to facilitate amendments to internal finance documents. As one of the group companies is a PLC, a greater variety of documents are required, and we need to arrange a general meeting for shareholder approval.
At lunch, I head down to the conference floor to attend our weekly training session.
I spend the afternoon emailing our New York colleagues to coordinate their input on the corporate authorisations. My last task for the day is to research various ESG-related matters for our EMTN programme update before joining colleagues for ‘Thursday Night Drinks.’

I respond to client emails and correspond with our New York colleagues first thing. I then spend the rest of the morning preparing bond issuance documents and discussing my work product with the U.S. associates in the London office.
In the afternoon, I prepare a pack of the transaction documents for the M&A deal that closed earlier in the week.

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