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Lillie Peichl
Associate, London

I have recently started my new seat in M&A (my third seat of my training contract at S&C). I have already become involved in several exciting deals since starting, including a new top secret public M&A deal.
In the morning, I arrive at the office at around 9.15 a.m. to check my emails and read through news updates. My supervisor then briefs me on the deals we are currently working on and we discuss any updates that have happened over the weekend. As I am sharing an office with my supervisor, we regularly spend some time discussing how the deals are progressing and what work will need to be done. I later meet up with some of the other trainees to get a coffee and catch up. Most of the afternoon is spent listening in on client calls, taking notes and researching precedents for a new deal.

An associate asks me to help draft board resolutions for one of the matters we are working on. I go to his office to discuss the task and make sure that I understand everything that needs to be done. I spend most of the day working on this. As usual, I meet up with the other trainees and go downstairs to our canteen for lunch. As the weather is nice, I convince the others to go upstairs and have a coffee on the rooftop terrace before heading back to my office to finish my work.

Our monthly roundtable training lunch is scheduled for today. This time, one of the associates gives a presentation on recent developments in corporate tax law. These monthly lunches are always informative and a useful way to stay up-to-date with what the various practice areas of the firm are working on. The food is great as well!

On Thursday mornings we usually have our training sessions, which are aimed at trainees and newly qualified lawyers. This week, the session is on debt capital markets. We also receive useful materials on the topic, which I read later in my own time. The training sessions are interactive so we can all learn from each other’s experiences. This works well, given that we are such a small group.
In the late afternoon, we have an important call with a client to discuss progress and strategy. After the call, the partner asks me to do research on a particular topic that was discussed regarding the U.K. Takeover Code and public deal announcements. I start by reading through notes on the topic and then pull together some useful precedents. I summarise what I have found and later send it to the partner for his review.

In the morning, I briefly discuss yesterday’s work with the partner.  We also receive comments on the draft board resolutions that I prepared on Tuesday. I review the comments and make some changes to the drafts. The associate then reviews the revised drafts and, once in final form, we send the resolutions to the client.
The day goes by relatively quickly and in the afternoon, I join my colleagues for a drink at a nearby bar before heading home to pack for my weekend trip to Paris.

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