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Eric: Midlevel Financial Services Associate (New York)

Eric M. Diamond
Associate, New York
Financial Services

I arrive at the office a few minutes early to prepare for a call with a client regarding a transaction that is expected to sign in the next day or so. We spend an hour discussing the changes to the purchase agreement we received from the buyer’s counsel over the weekend. After the call, I meet with the junior associates on the team and discuss the revisions that will need to be made to the ancillary documents and other items that will need to be completed. I sort through and respond to a relatively large number of e-mails regarding the transaction, and then set up a call with opposing counsel to discuss a few final issues in the purchase agreement. We agree on the key points and agree that signing will occur on Tuesday. I work on revising the purchase agreement and then review the junior associates’ work. The day has completely flown by, and it is already 8:00 p.m. I order dinner, review the list of items that need to be completed prior to signing, and respond to a handful of e-mails. A few hours later, I send the revised purchase agreement to the buyer’s counsel, and head home.
I arrive a few minutes before 9:30 a.m. for the weekly Dodd-Frank meeting—an internal meeting at which we discuss new and challenging issues related to the Dodd-Frank Act. Most recently, we have been discussing Volcker Rule issues, an area of specific interest for me. When I return to my office, I have a voicemail from opposing counsel indicating that the buyer has agreed to the final purchase agreement and will be sending the signature pages soon. I work with the other members of the team to finalize all related documents, and send execution versions to buyer’s counsel. We then review the press releases and finalize the 8-K’s announcing the transaction. I take a car home at 8:00 p.m. and finish up a few items from home.
Now that the transaction has signed, I am able to turn my attention back to several other ongoing matters: a memo for a bank holding company regarding the applicability of the Volcker Rule to certain of its activities; research and preparation for an upcoming call with a manufacturing company to discuss whether the Volcker Rule applies to them; an outline of considerations for a hedge fund manager regarding modifications to one of its investment arrangements; and a confidentiality agreement for a client entering into the initial stages of a potential transaction. I spend the day working on these projects, circulate drafts of documents to the relevant partners for review, and head home at about 5:30 p.m.
I arrive at 9:30 a.m. and prepare for a series of meetings and calls. At 10:00 a.m., I have an internal meeting to discuss the Volcker Rule memo for the bank holding company, at 11:00 a.m., we speak with the manufacturing company and, at 1:00 p.m., we speak with the hedge fund manager. I return to my desk and respond to several e-mails and phone calls on other matters. I spend the afternoon revising the drafts based on the calls and work with a junior associate to start preparing an outline requested by the manufacturing company.
I spend the morning reviewing a draft closing checklist for the transaction that signed on Tuesday and work with the junior associates to finalize and send the checklist to our client. I also take care of some administrative matters. In the afternoon, I meet with a few members of the transaction team to discuss certain regulatory matters relating to the transaction. After the meeting, I speak with our client to provide an update. I spend the rest of the afternoon wrapping up a few loose ends on other matters, and then I take inventory of the status of ongoing matters that will need to be completed in the coming week. It has been a busy period with the transaction signing, and I am happy to head home and enjoy the weekend with my family.

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