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Jenni: Junior Corporate Associate (New York)

Jennifer L. Warne
Associate, New York
General Practice

I usually start my week by taking a few minutes to make sure I’m caught up on e-mails and the status of my matters. This morning, I call the senior associate on my securities deal team to ask what I can do to help prepare for the deal closing the following morning. I spend most of the morning making last minute revisions to closing documents, accounting for signature pages and trying to tie up other loose ends. In the afternoon, I join the weekly status call for my real estate matter, a $1 billion refinancing of an expansive real estate portfolio, with the S&C team, the borrower (our client), the lender and the lender’s counsel. I’m in charge of drafting organizational documents (such as operating agreements and assignments necessary to modify ownership structure) for the various entities that are part of our client’s ownership structure, as well as drafting the S&C legal opinion which we will deliver upon closing. Later, I make some revisions to a proxy statement I’m working on with members of our Executive Compensation Group.
I arrive at the office early to make sure I’m prepared for the morning closing call for the securities deal and that we have all necessary parties on standby, ready to release signature pages. This is my first securities deal, so I’m not quite sure what to expect on the closing call. It’s a pretty quick process—most of the legwork on the deal was done prior to its launch—but it’s definitely a relief when the $750 million dollar wire transfer hits our client’s bank account! I’ve really enjoyed working on this deal—a convertible note offering for a recently formed, very interesting client with a really great S&C team, but I’m excited to have some additional time to take on new projects. In the afternoon, I work on drafting the organizational documents and field calls from the title company and our Delaware counsel on the real estate deal. I head out of the office just in time to make it to my favorite 7:30 p.m. spin class.
In the morning, I meet with the other junior associates and the legal assistants working on the real estate deal to discuss closing mechanics. We’ve taken over about half a floor of conference rooms for our thousands of documents, and the legal assistants are doing a great job coordinating everything. A senior associate stops by my office to give me comments on our opinion and explain his changes, and we discuss why we should or should not give to the other side on certain points. I revise the document accordingly, and send it to opposing counsel for their review. In the afternoon, I attend the Corporate & Finance Group lunch. All of the General Practice groups hold monthly lunches with presentations on recent transactions, legal developments or other topics, and the lunches are a great way to learn more about the work of each group.
The team meets with our real estate clients, who have flown to New York in advance of the deal closing, and discuss outstanding issues that need to be resolved before the signing today. I’m on vacation starting the next morning, so I brief the other junior associate on the deal, who will be covering for me, on the status of my documents. Luckily, all parties are signed off on many of my documents, so I’m able to finalize them before I go. Things get exciting when a few “fire drills” come up and we have a few tense moments of negotiation with the other side. In the meantime, my role is to keep pressing forward on preparing for closing. With so much going on, it’s a pretty late night, but having the entire team together makes it go by much quicker.
I’m off to California with my best friends from college to get some sun! Looking forward to some time to relax and recharge.

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