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We are committed to the careers of all of our lawyers, including those of our alumni, an impressive group that includes CEOs, CFOs, general counsel, judges, law professors, government officials, business leaders and entrepreneurs. S&C is a terrific platform from which to pursue a career in law, business, government or academia, and our alumni often tell us that the training and experiences they had at S&C contributed significantly to their future successes.

We are extremely proud of our alumni. We have a robust and supportive alumni network, and we regularly host events for our alumni around the world. We are also fortunate enough to continue to work with many of our former colleagues once they have left the Firm. Although they may not reside in our offices, they will always be an important part of the S&C family.

In 2016, S&C launched its Career and Alumni Resource Center, which provides career counseling, facilitated networking opportunities and job placements to associates and alumni. Access to the Resource Center—and to our network of alumni, clients, colleagues and friends—is a lifelong benefit of an S&C career.

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