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Arman T. Carretta

Associate, Los Angeles

Mergers & Acquisitions

What has your experience as an associate at S&C been like so far? 

So far, I’ve had a great experience at S&C. I’ve been able to work on transactions that interest me, the workload has been as I expected and the rest of my peers have been very friendly and easy to work with.   
Why did you choose S&C? 

I chose S&C because I wanted to practice corporate law, specifically M&A, at the highest level. S&C has a reputation of consistently representing clients in transactions that are often headline-grabbers which was, and continues to be, a big draw for me.
How would you describe the culture of the L.A. office?

The L.A. office is one of the smaller offices of the firm and, as a result, associates work closely and repeatedly with each other. I’ve found that this generally leads to people being more open and understanding of each other’s work or personal conflicts, which is especially helpful when the workload starts to heat up.
What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being a first-year associate at S&C? 

I’ve found that the most challenging aspect of being a first-year corporate associate is learning how to manage your time to handle a workload that can ebb and flow at a moment’s notice. For me, as I mentioned above, the most rewarding aspect is seeing the work I’ve done for different transactions translate into front-page headlines when a transaction I’ve worked on is made public.  
Do you have any tips for success as an associate?

I think organization is one of the most important skills to be successful. Having things easily accessible and readily available is incredibly important. The same can be said when tracking multiple versions of the same document, which oftentimes falls upon a junior associate to accurately record.
Hobbies: Playing soccer, going to music festivals.
Favorite books/movies: Game of Thrones (book series and TV show), Gladiator.
Last vacation: Maui & Oahu.

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