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Assignments for associates are coordinated by our associate development partners (ADPs), who seek to ensure that all of our lawyers receive broad exposure to the work of the Firm. When staffing lawyers to matters, the ADPs consider a number of factors, including an associate’s particular interests, his or her current workload, the workload of his or her peers and the matters on which the associate has worked in the past.
Summer Associate Development Partners
Summer associates are also assigned to an ADP. The ADPs are responsible for overseeing the distribution of summer associate assignments, including non client matters, such as professional and public service commitments. As is the case with our full-time associates, in allocating assignments, the ADPs seek to ensure that all summer associates are exposed to a variety of different practice areas, matters, transaction types and senior lawyers, and they seek to achieve a reasonable distribution of work among the summer class. The ADPs are available to answer questions about specific assignments, the Firm’s practice in general and professional life at the Firm. In addition to assignments from the ADPs, summer associates will also receive assignments from their partner and associate advisors.

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