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S&C's Associate Advisor Program provides associates with the support necessary to pursue their career and professional development goals. Associates are paired with at least one partner advisor from their practice group or subgroup. The partner advisor and associate advisee meet as often as the advisee would like, and no less than semi-annually, to discuss the advisee’s career development plan, practice group milestones, current and past assignments, skills development and training, practice group interests and any other relevant matters that the associate advisee may wish to raise.

Summer Associate Advisor Program
Similarly, each summer associate is assigned a partner advisor, an associate advisor and a peer advisor. The partner and associate advisors are selected primarily on the basis of the summer associate’s expressed interest in specific practice groups. The goal is for each summer associate to work and to socialize with his or her advisors throughout the course of the summer. The peer advisor is generally selected based on the summer associate’s personal interests, prior work or extracurricular experiences and/or law school affiliation.

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