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Chun Wei considered it a perfect fit when she was asked to move to S&C's Hong Kong office when it opened in 1992. For more than 20 years, she has been running her practice from S&C's Hong Kong and Beijing offices as the head of S&C's China practice. With the launch of S&C's Hong Kong law practice in November 2011 and her role as a Hong Kong solicitor, the China practice is undergoing exciting changes. We spoke with Chun about these new initiatives and her outlook for S&C's Asia practice.

Can you tell us about the launch of the Hong Kong law practice?

Hong Kong law is really a key component of our day-to-day practice now compared to when we first started the Hong Kong office in the early 1990s. More companies are choosing to reside in Hong Kong instead of other jurisdictions. Hong Kong law is often a compromise for many commercial transactions and has become increasingly popular. In addition, many companies have already been listed or are listing in Hong Kong and require ongoing Hong Kong law advice as part of the structuring of another acquisition or additional financing abroad.

What are some of the legal trends in Asia, and how are they impacting your practice and S&C’s work?

As an increasingly large number of Asia-based companies expand their influence globally, their lawyers need to handle more cross-border transactions and gain more knowledge and better skills in dealing with significant issues in those transactions. S&C's practice in China has also evolved from concentrating on IPOs and capital markets to handling more cross-border merger-and-acquisition transactions. A majority of my work in the past few years and at present is helping Chinese companies or Western companies in completing cross-border M&A and other investment transactions.

What makes S&C’s Asia practices and offices unique from other firms in the region?

We are selective about what we take on, and we want to ensure our work is part of the S&C global quality of practice. For example, we don't pursue work purely because of size, scale or volume. We're more focused on providing value-added, high-quality legal services to the clients, particularly in connection with complex and innovative issues or transactions. We are very fortunate because S&C has carried such a long tradition of excellence in providing quality legal service, so we're able to have the freedom to choose certain types of deals and clients.

What do you find most rewarding about being a lawyer?

I think being a lawyer allows you to see that your advice can really make a difference. If you can identify the issues and help clients find solutions that are legally sound and commercially attractive, then one of the rewards is that your work can result in a positive outcome for your client.


Personal: My husband and I have two boys.
What do you do in your free time? I enjoy reading books in Chinese and English, and I have found that air travel gives me blocks of quiet time to catch up with my reading. I golf whenever I can, and I also do Chinese calligraphy.
What do you like about living in China? The culture is rich and influential, the food is amazing, and talking in my native tongue is great. I love that my family, my mother and my relatives and also many of my good friends are in China. All these connections are important to me.

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