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Why S&C?
I was attracted S&C because of the quality of the Firm’s work and the rigor with which it litigates its cases. This really matters to me because it means that the cases we work on are of critical importance to our clients and associates are encouraged to go the extra mile in terms of staying abreast of legal developments and developing novel arguments. It can be daunting to have numerous lawyers comment on a single brief, but that level of attention also presents unparalleled learning opportunities for a new associates.
The Work
I recently worked on a small internal investigation staffed only by me and a partner.  It was a great opportunity to take ownership of a project and act as the point person for client communications. It was challenging to not be able to depend on other more senior associates to edit my work, but it gave me the opportunity to prepare client-ready documents largely on my own.
The Path
My first year at the firm has largely been split between internal investigations of multinational companies and litigation stemming from the financial crisis. Both types of cases present their own challenges. In a mortgage-backed securities case I worked on, I saw the case law change entirely between the time we briefed a motion and the time we argued it. The investigations I have worked on have been high profile and have frequently gone off in new directions in response to media reports. It’s exciting that the Firm’s cases put associates at the vanguard of various areas of the law.
The People
The people I work with are what has defined my experience at the firm. That my coworkers would be smart—even scarily smart—was a given. I have been impressed, though, by how diverse and collegial my coworkers are. The attorneys in my class come from a wide-range of law schools across the country and in Canada, and have all had a variety of interesting experiences before joining the Firm.
The Support
When I was a summer associate, a senior associate told me that I should identify people early on whom I feel comfortable asking all of the seemingly trivial questions.  As a first-year associate, I have worked with a lot of great partners and senior associates, but I have probably benefited the most from the many junior associates that I reach out to daily for everything from interpreting a cryptic email to adjusting headings in Microsoft Word. The Firm does a great job of creating opportunities for you to get to know other associates so that there are plenty of people you feel comfortable going to for a whole range of issues.
The Passion
 My fiancée and I adopted a dog in December, which has been a dream of mine since growing up with a series of memorable dogs. I have enjoyed training our dog to run on the West Side Highway with me, and I am always on the lookout for trails around New York City where she can experience “the great outdoors.” She saw a beaver last weekend in Staten Island; she was delighted.
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