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We represent indigent criminal defendants and assist the government in a wide variety of pro bono matters, including pre-trial, trial and appellate work.  

Select Projects and Partnerships

Criminal Justice Act Panels. S&C partners serve on multiple federal court CJA panels, providing full representation to indigent defendants. S&C associates interested in criminal defense work assist in plea negotiations, trial preparation and handling witnesses at hearings and trials.

Office of the Appellate Defender’s Volunteer Appellate Defender program, through which our associates handle appeals for criminal defendants in Manhattan.

Federal Defenders of New York, Inc., representing indigent defendants charged with federal crimes in the Southern District of New York, including our secondment program, offering associates immersive pre-trial and trial work.

Neighborhood Defender Service (NDS) of Harlem, Misdemeanor Project. S&C associates appear as counsel to NDS on misdemeanor cases in Manhattan Criminal Court, handling matters from initial arraignment through final disposition, including trial.

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