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Why S&C?
Like most lawyers at S&C, I was initially drawn by the Firm’s reputation for challenging and interesting work. Ultimately it was the very smart and friendly people I interacted with during my summer here that drove my decision to join S&C. My experience as a junior associate since then has confirmed that I made the right choice.  
The Work
Junior associates at large law firms often spend a majority of their time on mundane—but necessary—tasks, such as document review or due diligence. I think S&C is unusual in that juniors are also given constant opportunities to engage in higher-level tasks, like taking a “first crack” at drafting or marking-up an important agreement or pleading. This type of work can be very challenging, but also deeply satisfying. I was staffed on an M&A deal recently, and was given the chance to take a shot at drafting some novel provisions for the primary transaction agreement. It was exciting and rewarding to see some of my work make it into the final product.
The Path
I joined the Firm as a summer associate in 2012. At the time I was trying to decide between either Tax or General Practice, and the summer associate development partners were extremely helpful in providing opportunities to try work in both areas. In the end, I decided to join the General Practice group. One big advantage of becoming a General Practice associate, especially for lawyers fresh out of law school, is that for the first 18 months, you have the freedom and opportunity to work in and gain exposure to the wide variety of practice areas within the General Practice group. As a first-year associate, I worked on securities and M&A transactions, financial regulation issues and drafting pleadings for a chapter 11 bankruptcy. S&C takes pride in its corporate lawyers being “generalists,” and that’s definitely reflected  in the variety of work done by junior associates. I think it’s a great way to build a foundation for a successful legal career.
The People
As a junior associate, you can learn a lot merely by watching how the more experienced lawyers operate, whether that’s by listening in on a conference call or turning comments. I’m constantly impressed at how capable the mid-level and senior attorneys are, in terms of analytical ability, substantive legal knowledge and practical know-how. 
The Support
I don’t think any other firm combines size and quality the way S&C does. One direct advantage of that is the quality and variety of training courses presented by senior lawyers. Apart from being an incredibly convenient and abundant source of CLE, these trainings have contributed significantly to my practical legal education. I’m often impressed at the level of thought and energy that senior lawyers put into these sessions, and I always learn something valuable.

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