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S&C Endurance Club: A Community of Runners

Many S&C lawyers make their way to the gym regularly, but for some, keeping fit is an important way of life—so much so that they are a part of a club devoted to exercise.
About 80 S&C lawyers and staff members receive emails from the Endurance Club updating them about weekly runs and interesting races to participate in throughout New York City. A small group of about four or five attorneys runs together every Saturday and during the week before work. An important component of the Endurance Club is running in races as a group, and this is made particularly easy due to a Firm policy that reimburses employees for entrance fees up to $100 for races in New York City. After racing together, members of the Endurance Club are likely to have brunch together at a nearby restaurant. And for particularly large races, members may organize post-finish picnics.

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