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S&C's evaluation process provides associates and summer associates with detailed feedback about their development as they progress at the Firm. All associates receive formal performance reviews from a partner (usually the managing partner and or the associate development partner (“ADP”) of the subgroup, as well as the partner advisors for associates in the Advisor Program). These are conducted semi-annually during the associate’s first two years of practice and then annually thereafter. In addition, associates in the Litigation Group are given periodic, 100-hour reviews from the partners with whom they work most closely. Associates also regularly receive informal feedback about their work directly from colleagues. Finally, midlevel, senior associates and partners receive semi-annual feedback through an upward review process.
Summer Associate Evaluations
All summer associates who spend more than eight weeks of the summer at S&C receive two formal reviews: one in midsummer and one final, end-of-summer evaluation. The reviews are conducted by the summer associate’s partner advisor and his or her ADP, and they are based on feedback received from the lawyers with whom the summer associate has worked most closely.

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