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Commitment to pro bono work has been a core value of S&C since our founding. Over the years, we’ve helped clients and nonprofit organizations in need, changing lives and making legal history. Today, our pro bono practice spans a wide range of issues and reflects the diversity of our lawyers’ interests.

Our culture of excellence extends to the hundreds of pro bono matters we handle every year. In addition to helping others, pro bono work contributes significantly to our lawyers’ personal and professional development and further sharpens their legal skills. Our pro bono practice includes innovative projects that allow for the type of creative, dynamic lawyering that is the hallmark of our work for corporate clients.

Talk to us about your interest in pro bono. We’re proud of our pro bono work and hope you’ll add your passion and talents to our ongoing efforts to make a difference. 

Getting Started
Wondering how you’ll get started? When you arrive at the Firm, you’ll receive a formal introduction to our pro bono practice and the wide variety of available opportunities, led by Jessica Klein, our dedicated pro bono counsel.

Pro bono is a part of our history and we’re committed to making it a part of our future—join us!

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