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Why S&C?
When I was deciding what firm I wanted to join, I visited a lot of places. I ended up with S&C because all the people I met there were people like me: hardworking and dedicated, but also really fun and friendly. It’s one of the things that made S&C stand out: the people here really enjoy the work they do! The cases you get to work on are fascinating and always presenting really interesting questions to think about, but what really made S&C stand out is the real sense of community—not only everyone here is amazingly talented, but they’re all willing to stand behind you and help you achieve your goals. From day one, you feel like you’re part of a team you can count on.

The Work
I love the variety of work—I’ve worked on Supreme Court filings, drafted sections of district and appellate briefs, gone to court with clients on pro bono matters, researched policy to help change laws in New York, and more! Probably the most notable (I mean weirdest!) case I’ve helped out on was during my summer: I helped out on an arbitration involving horses and cocaine. It’s the only case that even describing it to other people makes them raise their eyebrows. It was also my first experience being on a small team, with only a partner and two associates, and I got to do everything from meeting the client to interviewing experts.

The Path
I went straight through from undergraduate to law school, then joined the Firm as a summer associate in 2012. I had no idea what type of work I wanted to do at the time, so I tried a little bit of everything – I ended up picking litigation because I really enjoyed this type of work, and I’ve continued to enjoy it now that I’m a full-time associate. I’m currently focusing most on one big matter that involves everything from antitrust, securities, CEA, RICO, etc., involving civil litigation (at the district court, appellate, and even Supreme Court level) and regulatory work—again, it feels like I get to do a little bit of everything! That’s actually one of the things I really enjoy about working at S&C—you have the freedom to direct your career where you want it to go, which for me right now involves learning more about what I really want to focus on.

The People
I knew people here would be smart and committed, but what’s great is how nice everyone is! The people I work for go out of their way to try to make sure that I get to enjoy my free time and the people I work with can always be counted on to be funny and entertaining. When I got assigned some doc review to work on, within a week the group of associates on the matter had started up an email list so we could ask each other questions and double check what we were doing, and it quickly turned into a (still-ongoing!) email chain of funny quotes, music recommendations, and inside jokes. Even senior associates and partners are amazingly personable—you really feel comfortable talking with them because they make it impossible to be intimidated. Honestly, that’s the same impression I get from everyone at the Firm—we’re all in this together, so we help each other out whenever we can!

The Support
Informally, the people I’ve worked for have been amazing mentors. I feel like I can and do call up any other associate, no matter at what level, and ask them questions, both about substantive work and about little details like whether it’s a good time to get more work or what pro bono projects give you the most hands-on experience. In terms of the training curriculum, S&C is great about having interesting and engaging lunch talks to help you learn both new areas of the law but also how to take the most advantage of being at the Firm. Probably the best training I’ve been to was one dedicated just for the unique problems faced by junior associates—within the first five minutes, everyone was nodding and exclaiming, “That happens to me all the time!”

The Passion
I love science fiction and fantasy—movies, books, conventions, you name it! One of the most pleasant surprises about S&C was finding a group of like-minded geeks at the Firm to go out to see all the new movies with, to discuss TV shows we’ve seen (new and old), and getting book recommendations. Having a wide variety of creative input is very important to me – it helps me recharge my brain and think of things in a new way. And there’s no better group of people to have stupid TV show debates with than a group of lawyers!

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