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Joshua L. Bradley

Associate, London

Capital Markets, Leveraged Finance & Lending

Why S&C?
From a young age, I’ve been utterly fascinated by international cultures. Accordingly, when it came time to begin my legal practice and select a law firm, I knew that I wanted to join one with a robust global presence that would allow me to experience non-U.S. legal and business cultures while working on sophisticated transactions. S&C proved to be the ideal fit, as not only does it possess a truly international practice but the caliber of the transactions the Firm engages in is, at least in my experience, second to none.

The Work
Year after year, I have had the opportunity to assist with a large number of significant and fascinating transactions. One example that readily springs to mind is my work advising Mighty River Power, a New Zealand electricity generation and electricity retail company, in connection with its partial privatization by the government of New Zealand. At that time, it was the largest initial public offering in New Zealand history and involved an array of novel and complex legal, environmental, cultural and political issues. It was incredibly rewarding to be deeply involved in such an important transaction relatively early in my career.

The Path
When I joined the Firm as an associate in 2010 following my federal appellate clerkship, my practice quickly began to focus on capital markets and other financing transactions, especially those involving international parties. Associates at the Firm are generally encouraged to participate in rotations to the Firm’s international offices and that policy, coupled with my fascination with international transactions, ultimately led me to spend approximately two years in the Firm’s office in Sydney, Australia advising Australasian clients. Clients in that region are often significantly less familiar with U.S. legal requirements than clients in the U.S. and, accordingly, I had to develop a thorough, step-by-step understanding of the relevant U.S. legal considerations in order to provide appropriate legal advice. This approach to legal advice has proven to be immensely useful while practicing in New York and London, as novel and complex legal issues seem to appear with an ever-growing frequency.

The People
Both externally and internally, the Firm has a reputation for its combination of excellence, analytical rigor, dedication and business sensibility. Those were certainly the qualities I expected to find when I joined the Firm, but what really surprised me was that all of those positive traits are built upon a culture that emphasizes collaboration and collegiality as an utmost priority. Starting with your very first deal at the Firm, you are encouraged to hone your skills on a daily basis and it’s really the firm’s collaborative atmosphere that makes such personal development possible.

The Support
While I immensely enjoyed my law school experience and am appreciative of all the guidance my professors gave me, my mentors within the Firm have been far and away the most significant influence in my professional development. S&C truly promotes an “open door” culture and it’s honestly hard for me to count the number of people at the Firm who have taken time to mentor me about substantive legal matters and transactional issues, as well as other vital professional traits, such as negotiation skills, time management and networking. In my opinion, this level of collegiality is a rare find and I simply would not be the lawyer I am today but for my colleagues at the Firm.

The Passion
Outside of work, I split my time among a variety of interests. I love to hike and travel, and I make an effort to dedicate a few weeks of each year to exploring other countries. Indoors, I’m an avid reader, a classically trained pianist and a recovering TV series addict. I also have a weakness for strategic and complex board games, so you can occasionally find me lurking in one of London's various board game cafes and stores.

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