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Why S&C?
During my first year of law school, I learned that tort reading was faster than property reading, but did not figure out my future in law. I interviewed with firms during my 1L summer knowing that I wanted to be in New York and that I did not want to box myself in, especially because I would not be starting full time for two or three years. I looked for a top firm in both litigation and corporate law. During recruiting, I had great conversations with S&C lawyers about their practices, such as about product liability class actions and issues in diamond mines, and met people with whom I wanted to work. My summers here supported those first impressions.
The Work
When I leave the office at night, I’m still thinking through puzzles from the day or trying to figure out how to stop thinking about those puzzles. My work is intellectually engaging. I’ve recently been thinking through how to explain fiduciary duties in plain English, what happens to privilege after mergers, what Dodd-Frank means for bank structures, how start-up non-profits can work with existing 501(c)(3) organizations, the allocation of risk under a construction contract and how a project company can restructure its senior debt.
The Path
After college, I prepared for corporate law by teaching in Korea and spending a year traveling down the west coast and up the east coast of Africa. I summered at S&C after my 2L year (split between the New York and London offices) and summered again for a month while “studying” for the bar. I clerked and then started as a full-time associate in the fall of 2013. I’m currently working on a variety of corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, project finance, regulatory and restructuring matters. I’m also assisting a non-profit with their start-up needs.
The People
I recently sent an email to one of our lawyers in London explaining research that had taken me hours. He replied with three questions. I reworked my approach, which produced the analysis that we used. Lawyers here ask good questions, get to the heart of the issues and care about getting the analysis right.
People here do more than just law. A colleague who I work with on my pro bono project ran a sub-three hour marathon this year in Boston. Another colleague who is on an M&A team with me is a former legal writing professor. I’ve been office neighbors with former MLS and NFL players.
Outside of work, I’ve been to laser tag/paintball, drinks, yoga, All the Way and Hedwig and the Angry Inch with other S&C lawyers.
The Support
The Firm feels like a much smaller organization than it is. I pick up the phone or walk down the hall when I have questions or when I’d like to talk out a problem. I am working on a deal right now with my initial on-campus interviewer. A partner who I went rock climbing with when I was a summer stopped by the other day to see how things were going. The Firm does have more formalized mentoring and training programs, but more than those I appreciate that there are doors that I can knock on with questions or just to chat.
The Passion
Every morning, I arrive at the office in cycling clothes with a 145-liter waterproof red backpack. Cycling across the Brooklyn Bridge, along with dodging swerving cabs and texting pedestrians, provides me with both a sense of calmness and alertness to start my day.
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