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Maya Nuyts

Trainee Solicitor, London
Why I Applied
A key feature of training at S&C is the generalist approach taken to qualification as a solicitor. The autonomy brought by the abandonment of a strict delineation between practice areas appealed to me specifically. As someone who has often been concerned with metaphorical “doors” closing, I was trying to find a firm which would allow me the flexibility to pursue areas I am interested in, and found that S&C’s generalist approach suited my profile as a learner.
In addition to the generalist nature, I wanted to join a firm which boasted high-margin and unique deals. I was interested in multi-jurisdictional, “never-seen-before” deals, which would challenge me. I was particularly attentive to joining a firm where every day would be different, and where my career would not stagnate.
I was also keen to apply to a smaller firm, so I could benefit from bespoke training. I was interested in the responsibilities that I would be given as a trainee, and the fact that I would immediately be a member of the deal teams.
Why I Joined
Having completed my vacation scheme at S&C, I knew that this was where I wanted to join: the reasons why I had applied were confirmed and, additionally, the culture stood out to me. The small nature of the Firm lends itself to a very social and friendly atmosphere. During my vacation scheme, I was struck by the non-hierarchal nature of the Firm, and the fact that everyone seemed to be friends – not just colleagues. Not only does everyone, including partners, eat together in the canteen, but the trainees and junior associates regularly spend time together outside of the Firm. This type of culture is unique and especially important given the demanding nature of the job.

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