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Although he spent years studying economics and finance, after taking a course with tax professor Jean-Pierre Le Gall Nicolas found that he preferred and enjoyed the challenging nature of the law. Ultimately it was this class, which he described as amazing, that led Nicolas to pursue a career in tax law and join Sullivan & Cromwell. Imagine his surprise when he arrived at the Firm and discovered that his office was located next door to Le Gall’s! He knew he was in the right place.

Nicolas says he is glad that he took the courses to build a business background, though, because having this knowledge has allowed him to understand his clients’ needs better. Knowing the constraints felt by bankers, accountants and other stakeholders has aided him in his dealings with a variety of clients, helping him to negotiate and arrive at the best solution for all involved.

Nicolas enjoys working in the Firm’s Paris office, not only because he is a big fan of French bistros and organizing wine tastings, but also because of the office’s smaller size and close-knit working environment: “Teamwork is easy and everything is very efficient. I think clients notice that there is collective confidence among us.” As a partner, Nicolas says he has developed a long-term perspective that includes a professional and personal investment in the Firm.

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