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5 Minutes with Former Clerk Rebecca Jeffries

Associate, New York

Estates & Personal

Court: U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
Judge: The Honorable Dennis W. Shedd
Why did you choose to join S&C after your clerkship?During law school recruiting, as a 1L with no idea what kind of law I wanted to practice (or even what city I’d like to settle down in), my goal was to pick the firm that would maximize my options later on in my career.   I spent my first summer at S&C working in both the General Practice and Litigation groups, and became very interested in the Estates & Personal Group during my second summer in the pre-clerk program. I realized I didn’t have to settle on a “specialty” and that the attorneys in every group were truly generalists, with expertise in many areas of the law.   I returned to S&C after my clerkship knowing that I would receive a variety of interesting and challenging matters as an associate in the Estates & Personal Group, and would learn from some of the best attorneys in the field. 
How does your clerkship experience inform your practice today?
People always ask me why I clerked but didn’t become a litigation associate.  In my view, my clerkship has enhanced my practice as an Estates & Personal attorney by sharpening my critical thinking and writing skills.  In drafting a legal opinion, every word matters.  This is exactly the case for the wills, trusts and other documents we draft every day in the Estates & Personal Group.  I’d highly encourage any law student to consider clerking, even if you don’t plan to become a litigator.

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