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Our Asylum Practice Group helps individuals from all over the world fleeing persecution based on race, religion, political affiliation, gender or sexual orientation.

Select Projects and Partnerships

Human Rights First’s Asylum Representation Project, representing asylum seekers who cannot safely return to their country of origin due to their political affiliation, religion or ethnicity. 

Immigration Equality, the leading LGBT immigrant rights organization in the United States, representing LGBT asylum seekers.

Ninth Circuit’s Pro Bono Program, in which our associates have briefed and argued appeals before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, including on asylum-related matters.

Franco-Gonzalez, S&C lawyers litigated against the Department of Justice for more than five years, ultimately obtaining a landmark settlement requiring the government to screen and assess the competency of all detainees in the immigration system and provide counsel to detainees who suffer from serious mental illnesses.

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