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Sabrena Ong

Trainee Solicitor, London
When choosing a place to start my legal career, S&C stood out to me for two main reasons. First, it offers unparalleled professional development opportunities. Second, its culture orbits around people.   
Professional development opportunities
At S&C, trainees are given high levels of (real) responsibility, which is largely an offshoot of its small trainee intake and lean deal teams. Already during my first seat (which was in the Finance and Restructuring practice area), I was frequently challenged to undertake substantive drafting tasks. While in my second seat in the Competition practice area, in addition to being involved in drafting key submissions, I was entrusted with running matters (and/or certain work streams within matters) and liaising with clients and various local counsel.
With S&C’s global reputation for excellence, I knew that I would be exposed to intriguing and complex transactions. This expectation was confirmed during my seats in both Finance and Restructuring and Competition, where I was involved in a wide array of deals, each of them posing unique questions. Given the real responsibility that trainees are granted, I was able to get to grips with tackling these questions. It goes without saying that this exposure to the frontline of difficult transactions has been an invaluable and enriching learning experience.
Further, S&C’s generalist approach, and the all-rounded aspirations that it encourages, adds another layer of learning and professional development opportunities available at the firm and was, for me, one quality that really set the firm apart.
People-oriented culture
Every person that I interacted with from S&C during the recruitment process was extremely welcoming, helpful and kind. My experience of working with people at the firm has not been any different. S&C exudes a people-oriented culture where your opinions are valued and your development matters. One of the main reasons for the excellent learning opportunities at the firm is the commitment of your seniors to your development: associates and partners invite questions and are open to explaining the logic behind certain concepts and decisions, as well as how your task fits within the broader transaction. They are also willing to give you high levels of responsibility, while (of course) remaining supportive.
Moreover, the fact that S&C’s London office is not too large means that you can get to know everyone in the office in a meaningful sense, which cultivates a friendly and inviting environment.

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