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The Summer Program Experience

The Firm’s Summer Program offers law students a first look into life at Sullivan & Cromwell—the people, the work and the fun. Associates shared how they took advantage of their summer experience and some of their favorite moments.

C. Prentice Butterworth
Associate, Los Angeles
Lisa M. Morales
Associate, New York
General Practice

What was the most significant thing you worked on during the summer?
Lisa: The most significant assignment I worked on during the summer was an ongoing acquisition deal with the M&A Group. I continuously worked on tasks related to this deal throughout the summer, and the deal team made me feel like I was a valuable member of the deal team. My main tasks on the deal included, but were not limited to, maintaining up-to-date status charts for the various and extensive regulatory approvals and other closing requirements, joining all relevant calls, and attending team meetings. While no M&A process is exactly the same, this exposure to and deep immersion over a 10-week period into a complex acquisition deal significantly enhanced my general understanding of the progression of an M&A deal. This assignment helped in solidifying my interests in M&A.
Prentice: One of the most significant projects that I worked on this summer was the landmark settlement reached on behalf of our client Volkswagen. Most notably, I was given the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with S&C's top litigators, learning from them in real-time while contributing to research and briefings. 
An additional highlight of my summer was participating in the launch of a non-profit organization dedicated to helping shelter animals in the greater Los Angeles area. Along with a group of junior associates, I researched various points of law on charitable organizations and drafted formation documents.

How did these projects come across your desks?
Lisa: The advisor program creates great opportunities to receive substantive projects directly from associates and partners. A majority of my assignments during the summer were M&A-related assignments that came from my partner advisor, Frank Aquila. He consistently pulled me into a wide variety of M&A projects and assignments throughout the summer, which I greatly appreciated. I also received several Securities-related assignments from my associate advisor. Finally, I received some projects from partners or associates whom I met during the many lectures, panels, and programs held throughout the summer.
Prentice: I received projects in a number of ways. Most often, I was added to a project because I expressed interest or curiosity in the underlying subject matter or area of law. 

What about the social experience? What kinds of things did you do for fun during the summer?

Lisa: I had the opportunity to do some amazing activities and experience New York in ways I had never had the chance to before, despite the fact that I had previously lived in the city for three years prior to attending law school. One of my favorite events was a day trip to Westchester Country Club, where we  had an opportunity to take golf or tennis lessons. Another one of my favorite events was the boat cruise, which was held for the entire summer class and our peer advisors. It was a wonderful way to see the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline from a unique perspective. There were so many other memorable events that I had the opportunity to attend, including a Beyoncé concert, an Alvin Ailey Dance Theater production at Lincoln Center and a Broadway show.
Prentice: I had tons of fun! Whether it was hiking on the Malibu coastline, or sitting behind home plate at a Dodger's game, each day of my summer with S&C brought new, fun experiences. Summer events and activities aside, it's easy to have a good time when you enjoy the company of those you work with. I simply enjoyed coming into work every day! 



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