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Zyad Wright

Trainee Solicitor, London
Why S&C
I chose to join S&C for three reasons: the clients, culture and people that I would be working alongside.
S&C’s clients come from a range of different industries but are typically high-profile leaders in their respective fields. The Firm has a strong culture that emphasises a commitment to excellence and delivering the best possible results for the client. Professionalism, friendliness and integrity have been the distinguishing qualities of the colleagues I have met and worked with so far.

Because S&C combines (uniquely, in my opinion) all three of these elements, my decision to join the Firm was not a difficult one to make.

The Work
The work at S&C tends to be high-stakes and first-of-a-kind. It can range from “bet-the-company” litigation to cutting-edge transactions which can transform an industry or national economy. The profile of the Firm means that whether you are involved with a company which has been a client for over 100 years, or one at the forefront of an emerging new industry, you will invariably be working on fascinating matters doing substantive, bespoke work.

The People
The high level of collegiality at S&C makes the transition from studying to work a natural one. Colleagues are friendly and professional, with a lot of intellectual curiosity. The low leverage ratio and “open door policy” means that you have a lot of interaction with senior lawyers when you first join. This means significant responsibility early on in your career but equally – a lot of mentorship and advice.

The Training
In the short time I have spent at S&C so far, I have noticed that people are generally enthusiastic to learn and senior lawyers are often eager to teach. The host of weekly training sessions, bi-weekly seminars and presentations from experienced practice area leaders illustrates that the firm takes its responsibility to train and develop its lawyers seriously. There is a large reservoir of knowledge at S&C, and one feels fortunate to be able to drink great gulps at a time.

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